Improving wetland knowledge
and developing tools to enhance protection and restoration of Europe’s wetlands. Focused on biodiversity.

Horizon Europe Wetlands Restoration Project
Horizon Europe Wetlands Restoration Project - Holistic approach for wetland restoration

A holistic approach

WET HORIZONS brings together people from different backgrounds (including wet and peatland experts, biomodelers, and policy analysts) with the goal of restoring Europe‘s wetlands.

Horizon Europe Wetlands Restoration Project - Collecting data for wetland restoration

Collecting data

WET HORIZONS aims to fill in crucial knowledge gaps about wetlands. The data collection will also include a citizen science component.

Horizon Europe Wetlands Restoration Project - Fast-tracking European wetland restoration

Tools for large scale restoration

Using the collected data, WET HORIZONS will create tools and guidelines that will fast track large scale restoration of Europe‘s wetlands.

News & Events

🌍 Happy #EarthDay!
💧 Wetlands are crucial ecosystems for our planet. They aide in #ClimateChange mitigation, are ...a habitat for unique #biodiversity and protect communities from extreme weather events.

Therefore, it is important to protect them.


Healing Peatlands to Protect Our Planet 
In this recent paper, published in @FrontYoungMinds, ...Gabrielle Quadra and her colleagues from @Radboud_Uni, explain the importance of #peatlands for #ClimateChange mitigation.

As a special feature of this journal, the publication was reviewed by kids interested in science. It includes actions ...the public can take to preserve Europe’s peatlands.

Read the full article:

#ScienceForKids #Peatlands #ClimateAction

#RESTORE4Cs will be present with @WetHorizons, @REWET_HE & @ALFAwetlands, at #SERE2024🌿

The #SisterProjects ...will have a session in the context of #Wetland Restoration & you are invited to submit your abstract to to session 3️⃣.0️⃣ by 1️⃣April 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣4️⃣⏳


How long does it take for rewetted peatlands to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? Is it an immediate... and constant process?

A recent study by @GFZ_Potsdam, led by @AramKalhori looks at long-term #research to reveal the nuances of this process.


Kalhori and her research team studied the 17 years of data from a rewetted peatland in Germany. Their results showed ...fluctuations in emissions over this time but an overall decrease in carbon dioxide and methane emissions.


#GHGEmissions #PeatPaper

Their results reveal important factors and considerations for pre and post-rewetting and environmental management.

...Find all #WETHORIZONS #publications here:

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