Improving wetland knowledge
and developing tools to enhance protection and restoration of Europe’s wetlands. Focused on biodiversity.

A holistic approach

WET HORIZONS brings together people from different backgrounds (including wet and peatland experts, biomodelers, and policy analysts) with the goal of restoring Europe‘s wetlands.

Collecting data

WET HORIZONS aims to fill in crucial knowledge gaps about wetlands. The data collection will also include a citizen science component.

Tools for large scale restoration

Using the collected data, WET HORIZONS will create tools and guidelines that will fast track large scale restoration of Europe‘s wetlands.

News & Events


How can we prevent significant #GHGemissions when rewetting #peatlands?

One method is ...Topsoil Removal (TSR): Removing 30-60 cm of top layer peat #soil. Our partners @Radboud_Uni studied the effects of taking away different amounts of topsoil.

👀Look out for our #brochure and roll-up at peatland events or have a look at the digital version (for download) at ...our website 👉

#scicomm #generationrestoration #ForNature
@rewet @RESTORE4Cs @WaterLANDS_EU @ALFAwetlands

"We do not have time to make any more mistakes. So, we have to slow down", says Claudia Nielsen from the @WetHorizons ...project.
Read more on how the project is contributing to #wetlands restoration to end carbon losses and turn them back into carbon sinks

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