Improving wetland knowledge
and developing tools to enhance protection and restoration of Europe’s wetlands. Focused on biodiversity.

A holistic approach

WET HORIZONS brings together people from different backgrounds (including wet and peatland experts, biomodelers, and policy analysts) with the goal of restoring Europe‘s wetlands.

Collecting data

WET HORIZONS aims to fill in crucial knowledge gaps about wetlands. The data collection will also include a citizen science component.

Tools for large scale restoration

Using the collected data, WET HORIZONS will create tools and guidelines that will fast track large scale restoration of Europe‘s wetlands.

News & Events

How many kilometres of #wetlands have been lost since 1700?

A new study from ETH Zurich revealed stunning ...numbers—3.4 million sq km of wetlands lost over 300 years! 😲Their results emphasise why it is important to fill in knowledge gaps about wetlands.

For us, #SciComm also means drawing attention to important scientific issues that have not yet ...received much public attention! For example #PeatlandProtection & restoration. The @WetHorizons project explains why: #CarbonCapture

Many #peatlands are turned into heavily used #grassland, even though the grass species growing naturally also offer ...much potential. But above all, they should be protected & restored because of their role in #climatechange mitigation @WetHorizons

Why is rewetting #wetlands so important for our #climate? What technologies work best? Watch below our @AarhusUni ...project coordinator @ShubiaoWu & fellow Claudia Nielsen giving an insight into the #WETHORIZONS approach 4 #WetlandRestoration! 📺

Can you help connect me to someone who might know people in the Romanian part of the Danube catchment? If possible ...we're looking for people interested in the peatlands and wetlands in the catchment (it is for the @WetHorizons project). Any help much appreciated!

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